dia-prosim rd 25®

diesel engine water treatment for protection of all metals including alluminium. Produced by RHOM & HAAS

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DIA-PROSIM™ RD 25 is a liquid formula based on molybdates, phosphates, and other specific organic and inorganic inhibitors. In addition DIAPROSIM™ RD 25 contains a high efficiency synthetic dispersant polymer designed to overcome any scaling potential in the recirculating water. Modern technology is leading to the increased use of mixed metal systems, which may include copper, aluminium, brass, mild steel, cast iron solder. When these various materials are in contact, they form electrochemical cells, which cause galvanic corrosions and pitting. Corrosion is increased by: • Vibrations which are responsible for cavitation corrosion • High temperatures The product is approved by below engine manifacturers (MAN B&W DIESEL S.A., MAK)


• Regulation of the pH to the optimum level for corrosion protection because of stable buffer salts combination.
• Overall protection of the systems (the boiler, the radiator, pumps, pipes, etc.).
• DIA-PROSIM™ RD 25 has no adverse reactions with plastics, elastomeric gaskets, etc.
• DIA-PROSIM™ RD 25 can be used in conjunction with good grade glycols.
• DIA-PROSIM™ RD 25 does not contain any chromates or nitrites.
• DIA-PROSIM™ RD 25 is compliant whit ASTM 1384 TEST.


25 lt pail

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